Digitech Jamman | Looping Power You Didn’t Even Know You Need

Sep 24, 2010

If you’ve ever sat there trying to write a song, wishing you had someone who could just play the rhythm part over and over for you, then you probably needed the Digitech Jamman looping pedal.  The Digitech Jamman is your assistant when you’re writing riffs and leads, it’s your backup section on stage, and it’s a great practicing tool to help you get your chops up.  After a few months with one, I’ve found it indispensible.

The Digitech Jamman is a powerful pedal for what it does.  Equipped with dual footswitches, you have the ability to record a section, saving up to 99 independent loops at one time, and then record your solos right over your rhythm track.  Since I started using this pedal to write solos for my own songs, I noticed a consider improvement in how they sounded (although that’s just my opinion!).  What’s more is that you can use this one stage to loop your rhythm guitar and play a solo live at the same time, no more need for a second guitarist.

Here’s a video demonstration of the Jamman that explores all the features built in:

Saving your ideas and loops with the Digitech Jamman is also easy, all you have to do is connect the Jamman to your computer through a USB cable and you can store all your loops forever.  Don’t want to hook the Jamman up to your computer?  There’s also a compact flash slot so you can put a memory card in and save up to 6.5 hours of recorded material.  This all makes the Jamman a great pedal for guitarists like myself, who have a moment of brilliance, but if it’s not recorded just can’t quite get it right when they try again the next day.  It can basically keep a record for you.

Other than the multiple layers of loops you can pile on, and the ability to store your loops to your computer or compact flash card, the Digitech Jamman can also slow down and speed up your loops/songs, all without changing pitch.  This is a great tool for learning other people’s songs or your favourite tunes.  This isn’t necessarily a feature I use if I’m learning other people’s songs since I have a computer, but for slowing down my own music while composing, this can be helpful.

I will throw it out there that for some good competition, check out the Boss RC-20. It’s a very similar pedal, with two foot pedals and massive looping capabilities. Coming in around the $300 range, the Digitech Jamman looping pedal might seem a bit pricey, but once you start to play around with it, it makes its usefulness known.  Whether your composing, performing, or practicing, the Digitech Jamman has you covered.

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